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Name: Raven (possibly Rachel Roth)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Orientation: 😕

Build: Short, somewhat curvy but toned
Hair: Purple, chin length asymmetrical bob
Eyes: Dark blue
Distinguishing Features: Skin that is so ashen it borders on gray, red jewel on her ajna (third eye) chakra

Likes: Tea, peace and quiet, books, magic, her friends, sarcasm
Dislikes: Fake meat, Beast Boy's jokes, destiny, her father
Hobbies: Reading, going to poetry readings, learning spells, meditating
Personality: Outwardly cold and reserved, but actually invested and loyal to those she cares for
A young woman with a mysterious past, Raven [also known as Rachel Roth in the comic continuity, though it's unknown if this alias carries over into the animated series] is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. Her powers are quite complex, but they usually manifest themselves in psychokinesis via energy, as well as astral projection [her "soul self"]. These abilities are influenced by her emotional state. As a result, she needs to meditate daily and control her feelings.

Raven can seem quite caustic and withdrawn; however, she's truly a deeply caring individual. Part of her reasoning for becoming a superhero was to make herself "better" and not fulfill the destiny her father set out for her.

Available in canon superhero flavor, or AUs where she's some kind of urban fantasy-esque white witchy pagan, high fantasy mage, or a plain high school/college kid with freaky abilities. I'm particularly interested in a scenario where she's a darker Sabrina the Teenage Witch, dealing with some occult shit and trying to keep eldritch horrors at bay while dealing with stupid kid feelings.

I'm also familiar with most bigger canons (Star Wars, Supernatural, MCU/Marvel Comics, Game of Thrones, etc.), so I'm very comfortable AUing her into them, too!
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